“If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.”
-Henry David Thoreau

_DSC2278 My name is Tani, and I am the sole owner of Rogue-Media.

I have been funding my own travels through modeling since 2014. I enjoy utilizing what i love to do to explore the world. I offer many different services for models and producers/photographers, from web building to modeling to SEO/SEM for established and non-established models and photographers. I offer social media marketing expertise, site content production, photography, videography, account management, Google Adwords management, etc. I am also available for paid bookings for publication, portfolio building, commercial, editorial, fashion, etc.

I continue to grow and build my repertoire of knowledge every day, so come back often to keep up with what projects I am working on and where my travels are taking me.

As a model, why choose me?

I’ve been in the modeling community for quite some time, and I have learned a lot. One thing I’ve learned is that you can never be too careful. Shooting with me, to build your portfolio, will be safe and convenient. Upon shooting, I will direct you to paid booking opportunities. I will reach out to the photographers on your behalf, but it is your job to follow up with them. From that point forward you can consider me as a mentor of sorts, and as I continue to find opportunities, I will continue to refer you in those directions.

As a photographer, why choose me?

I am easy to get along with, innovative, smart, and opened minded. I receive and respond to direction promptly and effectively, while also having a professional direction that makes your job easy along the way. I understand the art of posing , I understand my body and what is effective for a great pose/photo. I also think outside the box. Have an idea? Let’s shoot it. I love to converse and learn about you as well,through the shoot, so you won’t be shooting a mannequin. My personality shines through in photos. You won’t be disappointed after working with me.

For web-based services, why choose me?

I know in this day and age, it feels a lot better to trust a small business with your success in mind, versus a large business with your money in mind. I have innovative trade secrets that will get you results! Working with me will be a breeze and it will be the push in the direction you’ve been waiting for, for a cost-effective price. I will manage all of the aspects of your online marketing that you choose, behind the scenes, while you run your modeling/photography business, making the transition painless and hassle-free.


Contact me today to learn more about what I can do for you!



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